About Us

At Tic Toc Watch Repair, we want to provide you with an experience you’ve never had before. Our goal is to repair your watch to the best of our abilities. Watch repairing is a complicated profession because not all watches have the same problem and diagnosing the problem can be quite difficult. This is why we pay a lot of attention to detail and strive to have a quick turnaround time.

Our head technician Sarkis Semerdjian has been repairing watches since 2010. He says, “You can never know enough in watchmaking”. It’s like being a mechanic that can fix every single car in the world “It’s impossible” but this is why we like to be honest with our customers and tell them if the job they are asking for is above our means. This is something which doesn’t happen often, but it is possible.

Sarkis has two certificates from the American Watchmaking and clockmaking Institute in Ohio. He passed the 21’s Century watchmaking standards and as well as the Modern Mechanical Chronograph class. He specializes in all modern watches, whether they are quartz “battery operated”, mechanical or automatic.

If your watch is broken please fill out our estimate form and let us help you with getting your watch repaired. We will do our very best to help you via email or phone.